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Fred Bromfield Artist

Tunbridge Wells, Kent, painting Erotic Nudes, Jazz, Portraits, Landscapes and Still Life.
"Painting has been my raison d'être all my life. For me it must be hand-made and concerned with human responses as far removed from mechanical means and computer technology as possible.
Through several different directions my work has evolved into a spontaneous improvisional style of painting - my spontaneous immediate response devoid of any pre-conceived idea concerned with experimental use of paint, freedom of handling gesture. I find working from the female life-model my most exciting subject - she is equivalent of the theme or chord-sequence for a jazz improvision.
All this is in strong contrast to my previous approach which was metaphorical, imaginative, classically painted, "tight" composition of poetic ambiguous symbolism. My work has changed drastically several times over the years.
I was a student at Camberwell from 1958 - 1964 and was taught by some major artists - Uglour, Auerbach, Medley, Lee amongst others. I played the trombone in the college traditional jazz band and most days I took my trombone to college instead of my paints to practice down in the "boiler room" with the band members. "Tailgate trombone" my great passion, more than girls, painting or anything else!
Anyway, I've had a life of pleasure, painting, poverty, girls, fun, laughter and joy and consider myself so very forunate. I would do it all again if I could! I hope you find my paintings enjoyable and hopefully exciting!"
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